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Are you passionate about education or teaching?

Looking for opportunities in the content writing field where you can show your writing skills?

Or, are you looking for ways to share your unique knowledge or ideas with the world?

Searching for chances to get more exposure? Looking for ways to boost your portfolio?

Look no further.

Here is your opportunity to show off your skills by writing for us.

Knowledge Land 365 is accepting guest posts.

We are looking for guest post writers who can provide high-quality content that is knowledgeable and easy to grasp.

Here we are providing everything you need to know before writing for us:

  • Write Guest Posts For Us
  • Types Of Content We Are Searching For
  • Guest Post Topics We Are Seeking
  • 6 Benefits of Writing For Us
  • Guidelines That You Need To Follow While Writing For Us
  • The Process To Apply For A Guest Post
  • The Final Words


Hello, talented individuals!

On Knowledge Land 365, we are accepting guest posts, and being a professional writer, you may be excited to write for us. Helping individuals with everything related to education that might be useful to them is our major goal here.

You can blog about a wide range of relevant and important issues and concepts. Consider joining our blog by writing a guest post for us if you consider yourself experienced in educational writing or have any unique ideas or knowledge that would be useful to the readers.

Impart your knowledge, expertise, insights, and learnings for the benefit of students and society at large by becoming a contributor. We are looking for excellent content writers to write guest posts about topics related to education so that students and readers may get information and inspiration.

However, please read the following information carefully before writing anything.

Refrain from sending us misleading, inadequate articles just to build backlinks. We will  NOT be accepting these kinds of articles. We only accept contributions from writers who can produce excellent and engaging content. We will not be accepting articles

We are building our blog from scratch by uploading unique, high-quality articles. So, we will appreciate high-quality, informative, and engaging articles that will fulfil the requirements of the audience and help them out with useful content.


The posts on Knowledge Land 365 focus mainly on education and career. In order to help our global audience in understanding more about education, we exclusively publish articles about careers, education, study tips, and teaching methods. 

Because of this, it is a brilliant and exciting chance for skilled writers who want to showcase their writing, research, and knowledge capabilities.

It is an amazing opportunity for experts or educators in the education field to share their wisdom and knowledge or any significant information that everyone should get to know with the world.

Therefore, we are looking for content from writers who can provide interesting and unique information to our audience. Plus it is necessary for the writers to be able to comprehend the needs of the readers and be able to take those views into account.


We are interested in receiving guest posts that are centred on the specific topics we have listed because our blog primarily features educational content. We would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and information on these subjects with us. We are searching for writers to submit guest posts on the following article categories and topics:

  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Colleges
  • Study Tips & Tricks
  • Career
  • Jobs
  • Student
  • Teaching
  • Exam Preparation (Examination)


 You will obtain a variety of benefits from writing for us, and they will undoubtedly help in your writing skills and capability growth. Here are some of the benefits that have been mentioned to help you understand how writing for us will help you too:


It is an excellent platform for getting a big audience to read your blog, giving you the chance to showcase your skills, and boosting your online visibility. Moreover, your blogs would drive engagement that would eventually impact your online presence.


This is a fantastic chance to add experience to your portfolio, which will make you more credible to the organisations you want to work for as a writer. Besides, increasing the reach of your blogs will also give you global-scale exposure, which can invite readers from around the world and gain recognition.


Education is an aspect of life that never loses importance, regardless of age and gender, hence, you can reap a whole bunch of benefits if you write relevant content for us here.

As our postings deal with education, careers, study advice, and the teaching process, we aim to reach a global readership. Writing for us will help you achieve global recognition.

Writing educational topics that are frequently searched by a wide range of audiences, can help you reach a worldwide audience.


Writing for us can also help you expand your network because your article will be seen by readers all around the world, which may result in one or more readers reaching out to you. Other writers or employers might get in touch with you as well, giving you a fresh opportunity.

Creating engaging and informative content for demographics seeking answers and tips on educational topics can actually make your readers follow you too. This is also a win-win situation for you if you are thriving for such experiences.


Creating content or writing blogs is truly a work of art if done correctly with proper technique. First and foremost is to ensure authenticity, then add creativity and information to it.

When you write blogs for us, it would definitely enhance your writing skills, such as correcting grammatical errors, avoiding plagiarism, using less passive voice sentences, and shorter sentences (better to keep 20 words per sentence).

Hence, writing here will provide you with a great platform to demonstrate your writing skills and techniques, along with your research skills and expertise.


Lastly, it should go without saying that this is also an opportunity for you to increase your exposure because your piece will be viewed by readers throughout the world, attracting employers who are interested in your writing style or your skills.


Please read our guidelines carefully. Otherwise, your time will be wasted.

Please do not send us any generic articles, we prefer the niche we follow, for example, vocational, educational, and similar related topics. There are some guidelines you need to follow so it will be easier for us to accept your content.

Here are the guest posting guidelines for our education blogs that you should consider:

The word count has to be at least 1200-1500 words. Do follow the word count while writing and try to make it go over the minimum word count.2. WRITE TITLES THAT BEST SUIT THE ARTICLE: Use an impressive and clear title that will convey what is in the article. The title should be descriptive but at the same time, it should not be too lengthy. It has to be accurate and clear which gives the reader a clear sense of what the content is about.3. USE SUB-HEADINGS: Use clear and accurate sub-headings for clarity. Subheadings are highly important to make the content more understandable for the reader and help them find the information they need more easily.It is required to give H1, H2 and H3 tags.4. WRITE INFORMATIONAL CONTENT: The article has to be easy to understand, relevant and informational. And it needs to be logical and relevant in order to gain the interest of the audience.5. UNIQUE AND QUALITY CONTENT: The content should be well-researched, original and unique. Check the content thoroughly so that no misinformation is spread and if possible, support your content with facts.

6. MAINTAIN READABILITY: Maintain readability throughout the content.Keep the information simple and straightforward to make it more readable because most people are busy and don’t have time to read complex words. Try to use easy, short words, short clear sentences and short paragraphs for better readability. Use bullet points or numbers for clarity. Try to avoid using complex jargon depending on the kind of audience you are writing for.

7. OUTBOUND LINKS: All the outbound links will be approved by us as they will help the readers to gain more information if they need it on the required topic.

8. REFRAIN FROM ADDING LINKS TO THE BODY CONTENT: We don’t allow any links to the service page or homepage from the body content.

9. SEO-FRIENDLY CONTENT: The article has to be SEO-friendly (keyword optimized naturally).

For example, write catchy titles, consider the viewpoint of the readers while writing, if possible include a call-to-action in your content.

10. WRITE PLAGIARISM-FREE CONTENT: Firstly, write original content. Research well and then write with your original thoughts.

Use plagiarism checker tools to check whether your content is plagiarism-free.

We do not accept content that is already available online, at least it has to have something unique and different from the ones already available.

Your content has to be 100% plagiarism-free.

11. OWN WEBSITE LINK: You can link to your website from the author’s bio only. And as mentioned earlier we do not allow links to the service page or home page from the body of the content. If you want the link to your service pages, then we have other processes to do that.

12. REFRAIN FROM SENDING UNETHICAL CONTENT: We do not accept articles that include unethical content that is harmful to our audience or may trigger them.

13. KEYWORD-OPTIMISED ANCHOR TEXT: We don’t allow keyword-optimized anchor text in the author bio link.



Now, the process to apply for a guest post on Knowledge Land 365 is mentioned below. Please read these carefully before applying:

  • EMAIL US: Email us your article headline ideas to: knowledgeland365@gmail.com 
  • FULL NAME: Please mention your full name when applying.
  • APPROVAL TIME: If we like your topic ideas, we will confirm them with you within 24-72 hours
  • REQUEST FOR TOPIC PICKED BY US: We might also request you to write on a topic picked by our editorial team so that it matches our blog category and helps the audience benefit from it.
  • TOPIC APPROVAL: Once we approve your topic within the above-mentioned time, we will let you know via email.
  • WRITING AND SUBMISSION: You can start writing and ensure submission within 2-3 days.
  • REVISION AND EDITING: As we are very strict when it comes to guest blogging, we may make changes from our end if it is essential.


We are searching for well-written, educational articles that address a variety of education-related subjects, including teaching methods, student engagement, the use of technology in educational settings, study tips, career topics, and more, and that are appropriate for a variety of readers from around the world seeking information on these subjects.

If you are an educator, administrator, student, or anyone with a unique perspective on education, we encourage you to submit your content ideas that will help us fulfil our readers’ requirements. Your ideas will be highly valuable for readers looking for information or help regarding various unique topics.

Teachers, students, and other people interested in enhancing the educational system will read your article. In addition, you might inspire or excite a number of students to learn something new. We are looking forward to reading your submissions and hearing what you have to share with our audience!

Are you passionate about education and the impact it has on students and society?

Do you have insights and expertise to share with a wider audience?

Then we want to hear from you!

Share article headline ideas to: knowledgeland365@gmail.com

Note: If you do not follow the above-listed guidelines, it will NOT be possible for us to post your article.

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